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Our Beard Growth Kits are the biggest selling beard product in Australia.
We have many satisifed customers and positive feedback from men just like yourself that have tried our fantastic, high quality products.

But what's in it?

The Activator Serum is a combination of products to enhance the hair growth and nourish your skin at the same time. Extensive research has been done into beard growth, we have consulted with some of the most advanced scientists in the world to create an effective product, that works.

If you're struggling to grow a thick beard Zeus would be jealous of, you need to add the Beard Growth Kit into your routine. 


The Beard Growth Kit is clinically proven to: 

  • Increase beard density by 55%
  • Activate new facial hairs
  • Increase hair thickness by 15%


Some of our active ingredients are below. 

    • CHINESE KNOTWEED - Ancient Chinese Weed that brings colour back to grey hair
    • SESAME SEED - Triggers hair growth
    • GINGER ROOT OIL - To strengthen new hairs
    • ANGELICA ROOT - Stimulates oxygen in the blood, producing new hair follicles
    • VITAMIN B - A softening, soothing, and anti-irritant agent. Essential for a healthy diet, skin, and hair.
    • CETEARTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE - To cleanse your skin and prevent buildup on the surface
    • CYCLOPENTASILOXANE - To seal the hydrating ingredients in your skin. Healthy skin = healthy beard.
    • DIMETHICONE - To reduce redness
    • CETEARYL DIMETHICONE - To nourish and plump your skin, for a youthful appearance
    • BIOTINOYL TRIPEPTIDE-1 - Reduces hair loss 
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